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These days you have fireworks all days surrounding Bonfire Night, so we thought we'd have a week long offer to mark Bonfire Night 2016.

Check out all the ex-display instruments on special sale below. (Remember remember these prices are only around for a week, and are only applicable while stocks last!)

Muramatsu EXRCE flute 
Was 2,839  Bonfire sale £2,400

Selmer Super 80 Series III Tenor Sax
Was £4,945 Bonfire sale £3,800

Trevor James SR Alto Sax
Was £899 Bonfire sale £699

Buffet Festival Bb Clarinet
Was £3,056 Bonfire sale £2,500

Yamaha YFL311 GLID Flute (solid head with gold-plated lip plate and riser)
Was £862 Bonfire sale £730

Schreiber S10 Bassoon
Was £4,622 Bonfire sale £3,999

Bach 180ML37 Strad Bb Trumpet
Was £2,668 Bonfire sale £2,399

Yamaha YCR8335GS Neo Bb Cornet
Was £2,380 Bonfire sale £2,380

JP278L BBb Tuba in Lacquer EX DEMO A
Was £,2787 Bonfire sale £2,295

JP278S BBb Tuba in Silver EX DEMO A
Was £3,237 Bonfire sale £2,660

JP378L Sterling BBb Tuba in Lacquer EX DEMO A
Was £3,730 Bonfire sale £3,075

JP378S Sterling BBb Tuba in Silver EX DEMO A
Was £4,096 Bonfire sale £3,375

JP377S Sterling EEb Tuba in Silver EX DEMO A 
Was £3,790 Bonfire sale £3,120

JP8651 Trumpet Gig bag
Was £37.70 Bonfire sale £25

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