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To celebrate their 180th anniversary, Besson are releasing limited edition models of their famous Sovereign instruments.

For this limited anniversary series, only 180 units will be made with a split between Cornet, Tenor Horn, Baritone, Euphonium, EEb and BBb Tuba. These instruments will be finished as per the Besson brand image of the 70's and 80's with a classy frosted/satin silverplate body, bright silver plated tuning slides, finishing parts and inner bell. The instruments come with a special limited edition case in the old original Besson "Royal blue" colour and with a classic Denis Wick mouthpiece that has a special finish outside with gold plated rim and cup.

Besson are also proud to present for the first time on this limited series, the renewed "Besson London" brand logo engraved on the bell. This logo will be used on all production instruments from 2018 onwards.
Every single instrument in this limited series will also have a special engraving on the side of the bell to commemorate the 180th anniversary.

Instrument Model number Stock available Price (inc. VAT) Pre-order
Cornet BE928T-2M-0 70 £3,418.22 Buy now
Euphonium BE967T-2M-0 50 £7,480.27 Buy now
Tenor horn BE950-2M-0 20 £4,437.35 Buy now
Baritone Horn BE955-2M-0 20 £5,664.37 Buy now
EEb Tuba BE982-2M-0 10 £11,131.52 Buy now
BBb Tuba BE994-2M-0 10 £12,016.78 Buy now

These instruments are so new to market you can't yet purchase them online, so to secure yours, or for further information speak to Steve on 01823 282386.

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