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If you've not touched your instrument all over summer you're going to want to read on...

It's not just pupils that don't touch their instrument summer long, there's many a teacher who packs it away for a full 6 weeks, but we'd hope that generally they know how to maintain it...

I have recently cleaned my own tuba… I won’t go into detail about that (imagine a bathtub and actually no suds and you're half way there), but it is vital to keep your instrument clean, especially as they potentially aren’t the cheapest of things.

Cleaning them at the end of the summer holidays is something that I would DEFINITELY recommend as this is the time where they will probably be played every day. 

Even if it is as simple as giving it a polish with a cloth or giving it the full works with polish and brushes. 

Definitely give the mouthpiece a clean and the leadpipe; make sure the valves are moving smoothly and that all slides are moving also. 

In future, if you know that you're not going to be playing an instrument for a significant amount of time it's worth just giving it a good clean before you pack it away. This is especially important for the plating; sweat can erode plating, and once plating has worn you can't bring it back unless you re-plate it - an expensive procedure!

Keep those instruments clean and tidy! And if you want to know how to bath a tuba, give me a call on 01823 282386. 

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Please note, I'd never recommend any of these procedures for woodwind instruments. Please contact our workshop or Andy for guidance with woodwind.

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