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All wind players can enjoy the benefits of SplitBgone. This cutting edge, scientifically developed, lip balm not only prevents split lips, but, due to the addition of a special chemical formula (Ba2Ng4On2 or Nowtrongtrioxilate), also prevents split notes – guaranteed!

If you’re a brass player (or flautist), simply apply generously to your mouthpiece (or the lip plate of your headjoint), rub it vigorously on the lips in an anti-clockwise motion (that is crucial for best results as it correctly realigns the joints in the lip muscles) and blow.

If you’re a saxophone or clarinet player, immerse the reed in the solution for 5 minutes. While it absorbs the special formula, dip a teaspoon in SplitBgone and, using the back of the spoon, repeat the energetic anti clockwise rubbing exercise described above and then go for it. Problems solved.

It’s that easy!*

You’ll be amazed to hear your most feared notes popping out, at any dynamic, like there’s no tomorrow.

The effects don’t end there, if you were concerned about that whistling section in Young Person’s guide to the Orchestra, a Roger Whittaker Tribute concert or the bird calls in the Lark Ascending, your worries are over.  Apply SplitBgone and just let your lips do the playing.

Available plain wrapped by mail order in a special vintage bottle at a lip smacking £4.99 for 1 bottle (suitable for 100 uses) or a bulk pack of 3 bottles for just £19.99.

*SplitBgone is less effective on double reeds. For absolute anti-splitting security with Oboes, Cors Anglais & Bassoons etc, the only guaranteed method involves the total immersion of player and instrument in SplitBgone while in the actual act of playing. N.B. Failure to use a snorkel would involve a slight increase in health risk.


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