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A while ago I was looking to source a new range of brass mouthpieces to stock here at our shop and I thought it would be a good idea to look at a brand that offered a unique mouthpiece for a range of brass instruments rather than just a trumpet or a trombone mouthpiece and a former Royal Marines colleague of mine mentioned the Wedge brand. Having looked at the Wedge website I was intrigued so I put a question out on Facebook asking ‘What’s all the fuss about Wedge mouthpieces?’ and within seconds I was bombarded with loads of great comments from pro players especially from the USA!

I decided that I would organise an order of various Wedge mouthpieces for trumpet, trombone and of course French Horn so I could try them out. John Packer Ltd are proud to be the UK’s only supplier of Wedge mouthpieces and the rest is history really as we are consistently getting orders from all over Europe for the Wedge mouthpieces.

The Wedge mouthpiece was invented by Dr. Dave Harrison, who is a doctor and trumpet player who was unhappy with the out dated design of traditional mouthpieces. By using his medical knowledge, recognised theories about why some players have “natural” high chops, and extensive testing, the Wedge mouthpiece was born.  The design has undergone years of refinement since the original patent application in 2007.

The basic Wedge design is the same for all brass mouthpieces and the rim is not flat, it curves away from the player at the sides of the rim, where the corners of the embouchure form. The curve follows the natural shape of the teeth, making the Wedge mouthpiece very comfortable, especially for players with braces, because it curved rim arches over them.

By using a Wedge mouthpiece many players find not only is it more comfortable than a traditional mouthpiece but also they experience an increase in range and lip strength.

A Wedge mouthpiece is not a substitute for proper practise and they may not suit every player so to see if it works for you give me a call on 01823 282386 to arrange a trial.


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