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Your ligature can have a large effect on the quality of sound that your clarinet or saxophone produces. It plays the vital role of holding your reed firmly in place whilst allowing it to resonate against your mouthpiece.

Ligatures vary dramatically in terms of their material and design and can be made from brass, leather, woven string to name just a few. There are several key challenges that poorer standard ligatures may struggle with, air leakages and reed warping or distortion.

Air leakages can occur when your ligature does not maintain a good seal between your reed and mouthpiece. This results in a weaker, more airy sound. A bad ligature can also warp or distort your reed overtime if it is applying uneven pressure across different parts. This can dramatically reduce the lifespan of your reeds and again reduce the quality of tone. A warped or distorted reed can also lead to increased air leakages.

JLV Ligatures have been designed specifically to minimise contact with the reed. They achieve this with an innovative four touch point design. By minimising contact with the reed, the chance of warping or distortion is minimised. In addition, we have found that this also improves sound by allowing a richer harmonic. Left handed players will also appreciate the reversible screw making any required adjustment more comfortable.

JLV Ligatures are available for Saxophone (Tenor, Alto & Soprano) and Clarinet (Bb & A) and come in a range of finishes including silverplate, goldplate and unpolished brass. Cut from a single piece of brass, all JLV ligatures benefit from a solderless design improving consistency of performance. JLV Ligatures are 100% made in France and have a lifetime warranty. A great choice for the discerning player!


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