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What's the difference between the two Yamaha YCL-450s?

Yamaha produce two very popular wooden clarinets for the step-up intermediate  market. The YCL450S and YCL450M Duet+.  I am often asked what is the difference between the two. While they're both designed for the same market, there is a clear difference between them.


The 450S has an all wooden body throughout, whereas the 450M Duet+ upper keyed joint is drilled out slightly larger through the bore and around the tone holes.
A Thermoplastic ABS Resin is then injected into the bore, giving it an inner synthetic sleeve.

The effect of this is:

•    Less resistance
•    More open sound
•    More stable/protected inner bore of the upper joint (reduced risk of cracking - though rare).


If moving up from the Yamaha YCL255 it may feel an easier transition to go to the 450M, as it is more free-blowing than the 450S, but then it always takes a little time to adapt to a new instrument.


Both clarinets would suit intermediate players, through to higher grades, and looking for something to take them a little further. One is not intrinsically better than the other as the tonal quality differs between the two models. They remain suitable for any style of music, and you'd fine-tune your set-up with a combination of mouthpiece, reed and ligature.


Interested in trying them? You're welcome to try both clarinets in the shop, or we can arrange a trial. Just email or call 01823 282386 to arrange.


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