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Renting - commonly asked questions

  • Is it expensive? No - costs start from £15/month, minimum 3 months
  • Any obligation to buy? No - If it doesn't work out, just return the instrument and cancel the agreement*
  • Long term commitment? No - the minimum period is just three months. There is no maximum period
  • Any hidden costs? No - your hire fee includes insurance, maintenance** and VAT
  • Is the scheme flexible if I want to purchase? Yes  -  Up to six months rental payments can be offset against purchase at the standard discounted selling price
  • If you don't wish to purchase by the end of the sixth month you can simply carry on renting indefinitely and, if you subsequently decide to purchase, a maximum of six months rental charges can be deducted

*Given that all terms of the agreement have been adhered to at this point. The instrument must be returned in good order.

**Does not include damage caused by negligence, misuse or abuse. Carriage costs are not included


 Rent an instrument in four easy steps

  • 1
    Choose your instrument

    Need advice or can’t find what you’re looking for? Contact an instrument specialist via the links below.

  • 2
    Fill out the rental form

    Most of this can be completed online but please remember to complete page 2 by hand before posting.

  • 3
    Check your email and print

    Once generated, your form will be emailed to you. Please print it and complete page 2 before posting with your ID.

  • 4
    Send us your form & ID

    Post your completed form to us with 2 forms of address ID. A list of valid IDs can be found at the top of the form.

Select an Instrument

Alto Saxophone (Eb) JP041View £16 pcm Hire
Baritone Horn (Bb) JP173View £16 pcm Hire
Bassoon (C) JP191View £60 pcm Hire
Bassoon (C) JP291View £60 pcm Hire
Clarinet (Bb) JP021View £15 pcm Hire
Clarinet (C) JP124View £15 pcm Hire
Clarinet (C) JP125View £15 pcm Hire
Clarinet Eb (Eb) JP123View £15 pcm Hire
Cor Anglais (F) JP282View £80 pcm Hire
Cornet (Bb) JP071View £15 pcm Hire

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