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How You Can Buy Instruments VAT-free via Academy Schools

by Administrator 17. January 2012 09:44

THE John Packer Assisted Instrument Purchase Scheme has been a vital component in support of music in state schools since we pioneered the scheme in the 1990s.

However, with the advent of the Academy status schools, considerable confusion has arisen over whether or not the AIP scheme still applied. Many Academy Schools are either uncertain about the situation or believe that the AIP scheme is no longer applicable to them. If you are in that group then finally we have clarity...

Recently a school with which we have dealings made an enquiry to HM Revenue & Customs about this matter. This is an extract from the reply that they received from the government department:

"This matter has been looked into and I can advise you that academies are allowed to use the Assisted Instrument Purchase Scheme. It was originally thought that academies wouldn't be involved in this scheme and therefore it would not be applicable to them. However, we have now received information to the contrary and VAT Supply Policy have confirmed that academies can use the scheme in the same way that local authorities can.

Therefore I can confirm that academies can use the AIPS subject to the usual conditions of the scheme."*

* full text available if required.

This is great news for the parents of musical pupils and for music in schools. Please share this with your finance team, music staff and parents.

For your interest you can also view our current AIPS handout, complete with prices and details of our instrument hire scheme, by clicking here.