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Don't let making music make you ill!

by Administrator 14. June 2011 12:13

A RECENT report from the American journal General Dentistry has revealed that used instruments could be contaminated with enough bacteria or fungi to bring on anything from food poisoning to brain abscesses!

A team of researchers gathered samples from 13 high school band instruments; including two clarinets, two oboes, two mellophones (brass instrument), two trombones, two trumpets, and one cornet. A whopping 442 different species of bacteria were found, along with 58 moulds and 19 yeasts.

These nasties could make a player quite poorly; with the potential to produce infections diseases and even asthma. Children are more at risk because their immune systems aren't as well developed as adults.

Bach Hygenic Spray

Before you give up your instrument for health reasons never fear - you can keep your instrument clean with various hygienic sprays. You can use the Bach Hygienic Spray on mouthpieces, down the bore of an instrument and even in the instrument's case (a breeding ground for bugs). IT costs only £3.02 on our website

You can also use pull-throughs (as oppose to mop sets) which can be easily washed in warm soapy water to rid germs.

We have a full department of cleaning and maintenance accessories for brass and woodwind instruments, from pull throughs, to oils and greases.


Don't let this horror story deter you from playing your instrument - just keep it clean!