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The 300 Series - a New Generation of JP

by Administrator 1. August 2010 09:59

OVER the last few years John Packer Ltd has established a reputation for effective innovation in the student markets across a broad product range, from reduced system flutes, to double French horns. Many changes to design, materials and manufacturing techniques have led to a plethora of instruments that are well established and well respected across Europe and, increasingly, across the broader world music stage.

Those watching our progress will also have noticed that we've not been afraid to move into, and develop, minority instrument markets. Our reduced system oboe and development of a shortreach bassoon have been met positively by schools, teachers and parents alike. Despite this, however, we never regard an instrument as being truly 'finished'. We're always listening to feedback from beginners all the way to professional players and teachers so that we can continually evolve our instruments into the best they can be. We think of all the instruments in the JP range as being works in progress and this has led to increasingly high performance and manufacturing standards.

As a result of this, we've been hard at work developing a new level of product to bear the JP badge. The JP '3' series. It has always been our policy to provide performance levels that are higher than the price would suggest is possible. The JP '3' series incorporate sophisticated design elements, the highest standards of workmanship, the best materials and a performance level that would meet and excel the needs of a professional player.

This stunning line-up of instruments so far includes the JP351SWLR Bb trumpet, JP371SW Bb cornet, JP373 baritone horn, JP374 euphonium and the JP331Rath & JP332Rath Bb/F trombones. Many more will follow.

The Instruments

The new JP351SWLR trumpet incorporates a lightweight one-piece bell and a nickel silver reverse leadpipe which has been custom designed by Richard Smith of Smith-Watkins. These are professional features and are usually restricted to only the most expensive instruments.

Likewise, the JP371SW Bb cornet comes with a custom designed leadpipe by Smith-Watkins and a one-piece bell. It also has 1st and 3rd valve triggers and is large bore, accommodating professional needs.

The JP373 compensating baritone has once again raised the bar in this market. Made in the same factory alongside the new JPRATH trombone project this new Baritone features not only high grade brass but a Monel valve block with nylon valve guides. It is an excellent horn; offering players an extremely high level of performance.

Our JP374 Euphonium (pictured) has already an abundance of credits under its belt. Professional Andy Woods has used his euphonium in the recording of the Coronation Street theme, not to mention many films, including Wallace & Grommit, computer games, session work with Dido and on Radio 2 with the BBC Big Band! The quality of manufacture and materials makes the JP374 Euphonium ideal for Andy's needs.

The latest additions to the series are the JP331Rath / JP332Rath Bb/F trombones. Launched at the 2010 International Trombone Festival in Austin, Texas, these trombones were much anticipated by fans of the JP/RATH collaboration. These Bb/F trombones represent exceptional quality, high specification and remarkable value. Michael Rath is someone for whom high standards are paramount and his involvement from concept to end product is the key to the success of this collaboration. Mick has been working at our factory with the technicians who make the instruments to ensure that they make them exactly as he does. The JP331Rath is a medium large bore (0.525") instrument and the JP332Rath a large bore  (0.547"). Both carry the benefits of Michael Rath's enormous experience.

We're excited about the future of JP instruments; you can rest assured many more instruments in the 3 series will follow.


The JP '3' series - a materialisation of the concept of providing professional quality at an intermediate price.