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It's easy to be seduced by the immensity of the internet, but it's also easy to forget that it is essentially impersonal and we are all people!

We hope that you like our blog, but don't forget that John Packer's greatest resource (and yours!) is the decades of experience held within it's staff. All our sales staff are musicians first and foremost and are not paid any commission so you can be sure that their opinion is objective and based on years of experience. As musicians themselves, they think like you do!

If you need any more information or advice call us on 01823 282386 or you can email each specialist individually. Below are the speciality areas, but all sales staff have a good overall grounding and can advise on general queries outside their own area of expertise:


Andy Still (Retail Manager) - Clarinets, Saxophones, mouthpieces, reeds, ligatures and any general enquiries -

Steve Herbert (Brass Department Manager) - All brass instruments, mouthpieces, mutes, Rath trombones and any general enquiries -

Jean Broadbent -Oboes, Cors Anglais, Bassoons, double reeds and any general enquiries-

Jon Parkinson (Director) - Flutes -

Workshop -Repairs, servicing and modifications -

Jo Hibbitt -(Hire Scheme Coordinator) - queries relating to current hire contracts -