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Antique trumpet "outstanding" says pro jazz man

by Administrator 9. November 2009 16:56

THE antique finish may make the JP251SWA look old - but it is very much a new trumpet on the brass scene.

Andy Hague - who directs the Music For You Jazz Summer School, and has acted as an external examiner for the Royal Welsh College Of Music & Drama jazz degree course - tried it recently and described it as "outstanding".

He was so taken with it, he even made a recording of him playing it!

In between playing and recording Andy found time to wax lyrical about the 251SWA, here is what he said:

"For starters, this instrument looks fantastic if you like the unlaquered or vintage appearance that has become popular amongst jazz players in recent years. It also has rather snazzy valve top inlays which an eleven-year-old pupil described as “cool,” so there you have it.

"The playing characteristics of this instrument are outstanding, and as other reviewers have pointed out it does genuinely bear comparison with trumpets costing several times more. Overall I’ve found the intonation to be rather better than for the professional level instrument I’ve played for many years, requiring less lip and slide adjustment for those awkward notes. It feels comfortable and easy to play.

"The JP 251SWA represents excellent value for intermediate players, and is certainly worth considering up to professional level. Give it a try, you might be pleasantly surprised."

Picture: Andy Hague with the JP251SWA trumpet

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Wow! What a Phenomenon!

by Administrator 17. June 2008 16:44

In the last six months we have had orders of over 1500 John Packer JP Cornet MKII (SW) 171 & 271.

These instruments are designed for both experienced players and training bands.

See what the Critics Say:

"I was instantly impressed by the build quality and feel of the instrument (which we had in sliver plate) and noted that the valves had a smooth action without having to be oiled before I played it. In the hands the instrument feels evenly weighted, and the triggers are similar to those on the Yamaha models."

"The addition of the Smith Watkins lead pipe is a real stroke of genius, as I believe no-one makes cornets better than Richard Smith. As a result the cornet has a very free blowing feel, and a rich sound throughout the range. Whilst testing the instrument I was really impressed with the evenness of sound quality, and the ease of playing in the upper register. Intonation was good and whilst the notes just above the stave were a little sharp (as they are on most cornets) the trigger soon rectified that."

"We are now looking at replacing more of our older cornets with the JP Cornet 271L MkII (SW), which at the bargain price of £199.00 puts a lot of its more expensive competitors to shame. Whether you are a student on a budget or a band looking to kit out a section without breaking the bank, you could do far worse than to look to JP."

Pete Collins. (Pete is the Musical Director of the Foresters Band and a well known teacher).
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PHOTO: JP171SW Cornet