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One of a kind euphonium on display at Cheltenham this weekend

by Administrator 20. September 2011 15:04

John Packer Ltd will be attending the Brass Band Championships in Cheltenham this weekend with some fantastic new products on display, including a unique ‘White Rose’ euphonium handmade by Paul Riggett of Sterling Musical Instruments.

John Packer Ltd has established a reputation  for innovation, following collaborations with Dr Richard Smith of Smith-Watkins, Michael Rath Trombones and Sterling Musical Instruments  These three highly successful partnerships have been significant to the brass market, with many professional players and teachers turning to the JP range for their high performance at a moderate price.

Instruments from the new line of JPSterling lower brass instruments will be available to try out at the John Packer exhibition stand, along with instruments designed by JPRath and the famous modular Rath trombones, JPSmith-Watkins and the professional range of Smith-Watkins instruments. A large selection of accessories will also be available. 

Feel free to come along and see our friendly staff, who can help with any musical enquiry – beginner, professional, or school queries welcome.

If you would like us to take anything in particular from our shop we will do our best to accommodate. Please contact or call 01823 282386 to arrange beforehand.

Look forward to seeing lots of customers there!

Who is the real John Packer Ltd?

by Administrator 3. May 2011 11:33

FOR almost 10 years John Packer Ltd has been busily developing and expanding a JP range of woodwind and brass products. This has been very successful and the range now extends to over 100 different models with more in the pipeline.

Inevitably, all this activity and our pride in what we have been doing has meant that our promotional efforts have become dominated by the JP product brand. It has occurred to us that maybe we have created the impression that things have changed here at John Packer's.

Let us reassure you that (with the exception of our own range) nothing has changed. We still carry a huge breadth of stock from student to professional including all the latest models from a broad range of manufacturers. Even where we have our own products, we still carry all the usual alternatives from other makers because we know that all players are different and you need a real choice!

The latest additions to our stock include: the exciting intermediate range of Schagerl trumpets, the new Neo euphonium and YPC62R piccolo from Yamaha, Fossati oboes, Azumi flutes, Trevor James Signature saxophones, Michael Rath handmade trombones, not to mention an abundance of new accessories; Stock mouthpieces, Aizen saxophone mouthpieces, Voros bassoon reeds and Kernow oboe reeds.

Bottom line? We are everything that we used to be and a little more besides!

That includes: Adler, Altus, Azumi, Besson, Buffet, Bach, Conn Holton, Howarth, James, Jupiter, King, Leblanc, Mateki, Miyazawa, Muramatsu, Patricola, Paxman, Pearl, Powell, Rath, Sankyo, Schagerl, Schreiber, Schilke, Selmer, Smith-Watkins, Stomvi, Yanagisawa, Yamaha and more! All in stock, all ready to try in the shop (or on approval), all can be checked/set up by our workshop, all with the personal specialised service that helped to give us our reputation.

John Packer Ltd achieve Michael Rath Official Testing Centre status

by Administrator 25. November 2009 09:06

We are very proud to announce that we now have the honour to be stocking Michael Rath trombones. We are the only specialist in the country to be given this responsibility outside Michael Rath's own Yorkshire premises.

This isn't simply a question of having the odd trombone in stock. A number of our staff and technicians have been trained by Michael's specialists and we now have an enormous selection of Michael Rath trombones, slides, bells, leadpipes and valves etc. to enable instruments to be customised precisely to fit the requirements of the most discerning player.

These instruments are a wonderful blend of function and form and are both beautifully made to the highest engineering standards and capable of playing to the highest standards.

Steve Herbert, our experienced Brass Department Manager, is in sole charge of offering a special trombone tailoring service and is looking forward to working with our customers to create their ideal instrument. Owing to the number of possibilities, this is a very worthwhile, but necessarily time consuming process and needs to be done on an appointment basis. For further details or to make an appointment please call Steve on 01823 282386. 

This also seems to be an appropriate time to say that, following a recent factory visit by Michael Rath and John Packer, we are about to take delivery of a prototype model of our new JP/Rath .500 bore tenor  trombone. Medium/large and large bore Bb/F trombones will follow close behind. We hope to have full production models of all three types available early in 2010.  Keep watching for news of the launch!

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Picture: Steve Herbert shows John Packer the new Rath stock of trombones.