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Who is the real John Packer Ltd?

by Administrator 3. May 2011 11:33

FOR almost 10 years John Packer Ltd has been busily developing and expanding a JP range of woodwind and brass products. This has been very successful and the range now extends to over 100 different models with more in the pipeline.

Inevitably, all this activity and our pride in what we have been doing has meant that our promotional efforts have become dominated by the JP product brand. It has occurred to us that maybe we have created the impression that things have changed here at John Packer's.

Let us reassure you that (with the exception of our own range) nothing has changed. We still carry a huge breadth of stock from student to professional including all the latest models from a broad range of manufacturers. Even where we have our own products, we still carry all the usual alternatives from other makers because we know that all players are different and you need a real choice!

The latest additions to our stock include: the exciting intermediate range of Schagerl trumpets, the new Neo euphonium and YPC62R piccolo from Yamaha, Fossati oboes, Azumi flutes, Trevor James Signature saxophones, Michael Rath handmade trombones, not to mention an abundance of new accessories; Stock mouthpieces, Aizen saxophone mouthpieces, Voros bassoon reeds and Kernow oboe reeds.

Bottom line? We are everything that we used to be and a little more besides!

That includes: Adler, Altus, Azumi, Besson, Buffet, Bach, Conn Holton, Howarth, James, Jupiter, King, Leblanc, Mateki, Miyazawa, Muramatsu, Patricola, Paxman, Pearl, Powell, Rath, Sankyo, Schagerl, Schreiber, Schilke, Selmer, Smith-Watkins, Stomvi, Yanagisawa, Yamaha and more! All in stock, all ready to try in the shop (or on approval), all can be checked/set up by our workshop, all with the personal specialised service that helped to give us our reputation.

Packers sell piece of Brass Band History

by Administrator 21. October 2010 10:44

AFTER selling a rare Roundstamp Sovereign cornet in record time this summer, John Packer Ltd has been sent a silver-plated Schilke Eb Soprano cornet with Beryllium Bell from a customer to sell on behalf of Wingates Brass Band.


Schilke soprano cornets are considered to be among the finest soprano cornets made in the world and this particular cornet has some unique brass band history to go with it. Originally purchased as a gold soprano with a beryllium bell in the 1980's by the Wingates band, it was used by a legendary player, highly regarded amongst brass band circles.

The instrument is being sold by Brass Department Manager Steve Herbert of John Packer Ltd. Offers are being invited for thispiece of brass band history. Steve can be contacted on 01823 282386 or by e-mail

PHOTO: The piece of brass band history.

New Schilke 'HD' trumpet in stock

by Administrator 29. December 2009 09:11

The long-awaited 'HD' Schilke trumpet is now in stock.

Much speculation has been about what the HD would mean, it actually stands for 'Heavy Design', with the theory being, the more mass/weight, the bigger the sound.

The S32HDL, is medium-large bore, and is currently available in silverplate.

It has a heavier receiver/leadpipe, heavy gauge one piece 'seamed' brass bell.

Unlike other pro level trumpets, the Schilke comes in a case.

If you would like to know more, please contact Steve: or visit the product page below.

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