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"A triumph of engineering!" the JP374 Sterling gets reviewed

by Administrator 7. June 2013 13:53

JP374 Sterling Euphonium reviewed
by Mike Howley, Solo Euphonium with the Desford Colliery Band, formerly Solo Euphonium with Brighouse & Rastrick and Yorkshire Building Society (YBS)

Staff at John Packer Ltd recently caught up with Mike Howley of the Desford Colliery Band who had been trying out their JP374 Sterling, a collaboration between brass design luminary Paul Riggett (formerly of Boosey & Hawkes) and themselves.

On discussing the instrument with Grenville Moore, Mike had the following to say about his experiences playing the JP374 Sterling.

“A triumph of engineering! How can such quality be so affordable? I have been using the euphonium as a soloist and in brass band and it is at home in both environments. The tone is true at the extremes of pitch and throughout the dynamic range.

The Euphonium is all about sound. With the JP Sterling Euphonium I can create the very personal sound which is in my heart, in my soul.

That's simply not possible on many of the much more expensive brands.”

The JP374 Sterling is available now from £1908 from

If you are interested in finding out more about our JP374 Sterling Euphonium, please visit our website or email Steve, our brass manager at

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What to Expect When Shopping for Euphoniums

by Administrator 3. August 2012 14:00

IF you take an initial glance at the wide range of euphoniums available in the modern world it will seem like a very bewildering prospect of actually finding the one that suits you best, so our Brass Department have drawn up this easy no nonsense guide to Euphoniums.

 Euphoniums can be split into 3 categories:     
 3 valve Euphs
4 valve Non Compensating Euphs
4 valve Compensating Euphs

3 Valve Euphs – Generally considered to be ‘student’ level as they only have 3 valves (rather than 4) which makes them light and easy to use especially for younger players. Our best selling ‘student’ 3 valve euphonium is our very own JP074 with prices from £344 inc. VAT.

The 4th valve on a euphonium increases it’s range by 2 ½ tones downwards when used. The 4th valve on euphoniums played in the UK is usually separated from the main valve block and is played with the left hand. Non Compensating euphoniums are considered a step up from the starter 3 valve instrument as it offers the player access to the lower range but may have a tendency to play sharp.
Non Compensating models start from £420.

JP274 Euphonium

Compensating 4 valve euphoniums are considered to be advanced models as not only have the 4th valve but also have extra tubing called ‘knuckles’ which ensures that the instrument plays more accurately in tune. Due to the extra tubing, larger bell and bigger bore the compensating euph is heavier than other models but the result is a much larger / rounder sound. Tuning can be further refined by the addition of a main slide trigger which can be found on certain models.
Prices for compensating euphs start from £700 for a JP274 right upto nearly £6000 for Sterling / Besson and Yamaha professional euphoniums.     

If you would like any more information about euphoniums, contact Steve on or call 01823 282386 (option 1).

One of a kind euphonium on display at Cheltenham this weekend

by Administrator 20. September 2011 15:04

John Packer Ltd will be attending the Brass Band Championships in Cheltenham this weekend with some fantastic new products on display, including a unique ‘White Rose’ euphonium handmade by Paul Riggett of Sterling Musical Instruments.

John Packer Ltd has established a reputation  for innovation, following collaborations with Dr Richard Smith of Smith-Watkins, Michael Rath Trombones and Sterling Musical Instruments  These three highly successful partnerships have been significant to the brass market, with many professional players and teachers turning to the JP range for their high performance at a moderate price.

Instruments from the new line of JPSterling lower brass instruments will be available to try out at the John Packer exhibition stand, along with instruments designed by JPRath and the famous modular Rath trombones, JPSmith-Watkins and the professional range of Smith-Watkins instruments. A large selection of accessories will also be available. 

Feel free to come along and see our friendly staff, who can help with any musical enquiry – beginner, professional, or school queries welcome.

If you would like us to take anything in particular from our shop we will do our best to accommodate. Please contact or call 01823 282386 to arrange beforehand.

Look forward to seeing lots of customers there!