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Five Good Reasons to Have a JP152 'C' Trumpet

by Administrator 2. February 2012 09:28

A 'C' trumpet is not the standard trumpet that a person would ordinarily begin on. It is more usual to begin on a Bb trumpet, or even cornet (also in Bb). Despite this it can be quite advantageous to own a 'C' and here are five reasons why!:

  1. No transposing! If you're reading music in church it's much easier to play
  2. No need to work out! A 'C' trumpet is lighter than a Bb trumpet - so you can play for even longer!
  3. Be heard! The 'C' trumpet is commonly used in orchestras for its bright sound which cuts through better than a Bb trumpet
  4. Great for teaching! The trumpet is ideal for teachers in classroom situations, so they can play piano, flute, violin etc. parts
  5. They're not expensive! You can own one now at this great sales, JP152 lacquer £267.12 inc. VAT & JP152 silver £279.84 inc. VAT.

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