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Patricola Musical Instruments - a brief history!

by Administrator 28. February 2012 15:24

PATRICOLA began manufacturing woodwind instruments in 1976, founded by experienced makers Franceso, Pietro and Biagino Patricola in Castelnuovo Scrivia, Italy. This village has had a history of instrument manufacture since World War II.

Since their founding, Patricola has forged an excellent reputation worldwide for their quality instruments. The company has expanded and now includes the next generation of Patricolas!The company designs and manufactures all of their instruments. Each is made with the same care and workmanship – with the greatest part of the work done by hand, and wood naturally seasoned for more than ten years. Because of this attention to detail, Patricola instruments are not mass produced and have established a strong cult following.

In our clearance sale we have a CL2 & CL5 clarinets and an Evoluxione oboe. All are professional standard instruments and provide a sizeable saving! If you’d like to know more about them, please click on the links or call the shop on 01823 282386 option 1.


PHOTO: Sara, Francesco, Pietro, Biagino, Salvatore, Angelo, Davide, and Claudio. (Sara and Davide are the only two members not from the Patricola Family).

Two Top Professionals in a John Packer Brass Band Workshop

by Administrator 20. February 2012 15:07

Play with two of the best players in the Brass Band World for a Brass Music Funday in Taunton on April 14th!

David Thornton (Euphonium withThe Brighouse & Rastrick Band), and Richard Poole (from Foden's Band Soprano) are the star attractions at a day of brass workshops hosted by John Packer Ltd at Queen's College.

Following registration from 9am, musicians will start the day at 10am with a mass warm up led by David. Followed by expert tutoring from David and Richard on specially selected pieces. This dynamic duo are very familiar with large concert venues and international competitions so will have many tips to share! They will give demonstrations during the day and will answer any musical quandaries...

The day will culminate in a performance of pieces learned during the day, featuring solos by the esteemed guests including 'La Virgin De La Macarena', which Richard has just recorded on the latest Fodens CD!

All ages welcome, however, there is a minimum standard requirement of Grade 3. Bring your instrument / music stand and a packed lunch and enjoy the day.

Tickets for this funday are only £5! For more information, or tickets, please call Steve on 01823 282386 or email

JP243 Soprano Saxophone a "remarkable instrument" says RCM Prof!

by Administrator 20. February 2012 14:20

We do love receiving feedback from musicians, and we were delighted with this glowing review on the new JP243 soprano saxophone from David Burnand -a music professor at the Royal College of Music...

JP243 soprano saxophone

"I received this saxophone last week and have had great pleasure playing it.

"The sax feels light, which for me is good, as I play without a sling and am now developing arthritis in my wrists. In fact it's 200gm heavier than my 1926 Buescher True-Tone, but so nicely balanced that it feels lighter on the right hand. Good news for us oldies and for younger/smaller players, too. I like the integrated neck and (therefore) absence of a curved alternative crook, thought his might not suit everyone. Overall construction and appearance are of a high quality.

 "Against expectations, I stuck with the mouthpiece provided, which plays very well. In fact, on this instrument, I prefer it to my (presumably more expensive) Vandoren, Barone and Link m/pieces. The square cross-section of the chamber arch reminds me of the Selmer S-80. It speaks clearly throughout the entire range of the instrument from low Bb to high G. Intonation is excellent. The usual variations at tops and bottoms of registers lie within a very narrow range on this instrument. Tone is even throughout the instrument. Inevitable differences of tone for overlapping notes either side of the break are useful, therefore, rather than sounding like different instruments, one too thin and one to thick.

"The keys are smooth, even, fast and well positioned. My relatively short little fingers can be problematic with low Bb on some instruments. No problem at all with the JP243, which has a well-designed plate for the left-hand cluster. On some instruments altissimo keys are often difficult to find or too easily opened inadvertently, especially for players with smaller hands. Not so with the JP243. Fingering is intuitive and comfortable on this sax.

 "In conclusion, this is a remarkable instrument for its price range, and I would recommend it to beginners and professionals alike."

Professor David Burnand
Royal College of Music

Click here to buy the JP243!


Why does it play so well for so little?

by Administrator 10. February 2012 11:25

JOHN Packer Ltd are proud to launch the JP377Sterling EEb tuba - the newest lower brass instrument in partnership with Paul Riggett of Sterling Brass.

Priced at £3840 inc vat for the JP377Sterling in gold lacquer and £4320 inc vat for the silver plated JP377Sterling, these instruments have been designed to the highest standard of manufacture and perform instruments of a much higher price bracket.

Paul Riggett of Sterling Musical Instruments was previously Manufacturing Manager for Boosey & Hawkes and has a wealth of experience built up over many years in the industry. He has been involved at grassroots level overseeing the design and production of this fine instrument which has resulted in an astonishing instrument that will prompt you to ask ‘why does it play so well for so little!’

Designed for the amateur / pro player at an affordable price this tuba will compete happily against many more expensive tubas.  

Technical info:

Sterling design and leadpipe

High grade 80:20 brass

19” bell for greater sound projection

Fully compensating 4 valve system

Supplied with a high quality lightweight case with wheels and a JP611 mouthpiece.

Click here to buy!


Clarinet Convention @ Cardiff University this May

by Administrator 9. February 2012 15:19

CALLING all clarinetists! This May Cardiff University will be the location for a mass clarinet day...

Professional musicians Leslie Craven - solo recording artist and principal clarinet with the Welsh National Opera and Peter Fielding - formely principal bass clarinet with the Welsh National Opera - will be leading the day on Sunday, May 6th from 9am-7pm.

The day is open to musicians of all ages and will be a fun and educational day, with concerts and masterclasses. On the day you will also see staff from John Packer Ltd with a trade stand where you can buy clarinets, and accessories.

Admission cost: £30 for adults, £25 for children under 18, £15 for full-time students and £15 for large groups & clarinet choirs.

Family rates are available on application, and entry is FREE for observers and Cardiff University clarinet students.


For more information, fees and application forms, contact or 01600 714169. You can also download application forms online at


Five Good Reasons to Have a JP152 'C' Trumpet

by Administrator 2. February 2012 09:28

A 'C' trumpet is not the standard trumpet that a person would ordinarily begin on. It is more usual to begin on a Bb trumpet, or even cornet (also in Bb). Despite this it can be quite advantageous to own a 'C' and here are five reasons why!:

  1. No transposing! If you're reading music in church it's much easier to play
  2. No need to work out! A 'C' trumpet is lighter than a Bb trumpet - so you can play for even longer!
  3. Be heard! The 'C' trumpet is commonly used in orchestras for its bright sound which cuts through better than a Bb trumpet
  4. Great for teaching! The trumpet is ideal for teachers in classroom situations, so they can play piano, flute, violin etc. parts
  5. They're not expensive! You can own one now at this great sales, JP152 lacquer £267.12 inc. VAT & JP152 silver £279.84 inc. VAT.

Find out more, or buy now by clicking this link!


A sale with a difference...

by Administrator 1. February 2012 14:45

There may be a special deal just for you in our fabulous Spring sale...

We can often beat advertised prices, so if you're after a new instrument, or an accessory, call us on 01823 282386 to speak to a specialist and get our best price.

If you're quick you can even bag a bigger bargain in our clearance department! We've a fantastic selection of ex-display instruments. Never pre-owned, these instruments offer a substantial saving to their new counterparts. And once they're gone - they're gone!


Code Product QTY  Old Price Discount Price  

101832c Yamaha YTR9335NYS  1 £2,987 £2,539 SOLD
e402125 Schilke S32 1 £2,125 £1,699  
102097c Yamaha YTR8335LA 1 £2,074 £1,739 SOLD
100980c Yamaha YTR8335RUK 1 £1,895 £1,610 SOLD
E402166 Schagerl TR610L 1 £650 £499 SOLD

E400893 Schilke P5-4 (no case) 1 £2,326 £1,849 SOLD

102098c Yamaha YFH813G Custom  1 £1,870 £1,499 SOLD

100167c Yamaha Maestro YEP642SUK 1 £4,215 £3,569 SOLD
E400153 Besson Sovereign 967 1 £4,355 £3,699 SOLD

102173c Schagerl Troja Bb/F large bore 1 £1,290 £999 SOLD


100204c Jupiter 593GL 1 £2,266 £1,799  SOLD
100658c Yanagisawa B901 1 £4,470 £3,500 SOLD

100958c Yanagisawa T902 1 £2,940 £2,350  SOLD
102016c SECRET SAX! call for details
1 £2,275 £1,795 SOLD

102057c SECRET SAX! call for details
1 £2,135 £1,695 SOLD
102071c SECRET SAX!call for details
1 £1,486 £1,295  SOLD
102168c T James SR  2 £1,299 £999 SOLD

100387c Yamaha YCL CX 2 £1,503 £1,350 SOLD
100258c Buffet Vintage  1 £2,793 £2,599  SOLD
100260c Buffet Festival 1 £2,793 £2,499 SOLD
100250c Buffet RC 1 £1,965 £1,795 SOLD
101121c Buffet Tosca 1 £3,767 £3,400 SOLD
102128c Yamaha E1  3 £258 £230 SOLD
E400040 Jupiter JCL631 6 £499 RRP £250 SOLD
101419c Patricola CL5 1 £999 £832 REDUCED FURTHER!
101337c Patricola CL2S 1 £999 £832 REDUCED FURTHER!

101459 Patricola S6 Evoluxione 1 £4,825 £2,995 SOLD
101072 Fossati J40TP 1 £2,346 £1,999 SOLD
E400064 Portland OB1 5 £918 £734  
100579c Howarth S45 1 £3,800 £3,295 SOLD

101788 Schreiber 5010 1 £3,500 £2,750 SOLD

101349c Miyazawa PB202REOG 2 £2,750 £1,895 ONE LEFT!
101676c Miyazawa PB102E 1 £2,195 £1,595 SOLD
101677c Miyazawa PB102RE 1 £2,195 £1,675 SOLD
102036c Powell Sonare 1 £650 £599 SOLD
102136c Miyazawa PB602RE 1 £4,325 £3,598 SOLD
102127c Yamaha YFLE1C 6 £390 £359 NOT MANY LEFT!
100634c TJ Privilege 6 £549 £449 SOME SOLD
100627 Mateki 021RE 1 £2,500 £1,995 SOLD
E402077 Pearl PFB30FBE bass flute
1 £2,885 £2,250  SOLD
E401678 Pearl 795RBE Coda 1 £2,822 £2,325  SOLD

100989c Yamaha YPC81R 1 £2,175 £1,849  SOLD



Full PDF of instruments available by clicking this link: CLEARANCE SALE 2012.pdf (136.00 kb)

Along with these instruments there are also some superb discounts on accessories, some up to 35% off the shop price. Discounts are only available on products while they are in stock - so shop now to avoid disappointment!