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Tony Coe purchases an JP045S Saxophone

by Administrator 6. February 2008 16:28

Another renowed session player and recording artist has been converted to the John Packer Range!

The JP range of woodwind instruments have become increasingly popular not only in the education / student market but these very same instruments are making their mark in the professional one too.

We are proud to boast that these professionals include John Franchi, Pete Long, Dai Pritchard and Jamie Talbot, who between them play on around six different JP woodwind instruments. The most recent addition to this list is Tony Coe. So who is Tony Coe?

Tony is one of the greatest (if not the greatest) saxophonists of all time. He began his performing career playing with Humphrey Lyttelton's band and in 1965. Count Basie offered him a place in the Basie Band sax section. He has since played with the John Dankworth Orchestra, Kenny Clarke-Francy Boland Band, Derek Bailey's Company, Stan Tracey, Mike Gibbs, Stan Getz, Dizzy Gilespie, Bob Brookmeyer and performed under Pierre Boulez as well as leading a series of groups of his own including Coe Oxley & Co. He has also worked with Matrix, a small ensemble formed by clarinettist Alan Hacker, with a wide-ranging repertoire of early, classical and contemporary music. Coe's extensive experience in recording is heard on such films as Superman II and Victor Victoria, and he is the featured tenor sax soloist in Henry Mancini's music for the Pink Panther films.

We recently heard that Jamie Talbot was going to recommend that Tony try one of our saxophones. It turns out that Tony loves it so much he has hung up his Selmer Mark VI for the last time and is now using our very own JP045S Alto Saxophone.

As is common practise, the players mentioned use their own choice of mouthpiece, reed and ligature.

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