JP010CH C Flute Kinder Model In Silverplate

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The perfect flute for the small beginner

SRP: £159.00 inc. VAT

The JP010CH Kinder flute has been specifically designed with the young novice in mind. The curved headjoint and reduced size enables smaller players to easily reach all the keys and to centralise the weight, being smaller it's also lighter. Ideal for young players and those moving from the fife who aren't yet big enough for a standard size model.


  • Strong silver plated keywork - For reliability and good appearance
  • Accurate tuning scale - To help novices
  • Reduced keywork system - Lighter and easier to play for young/small players
  • Curved headjoint - Helps small players to manage the instrument
  • No footjoint (bottom note is D) - For easier balance and weight reduction
  • Headjoint resides in the body while in its case - No risk assembly for the young player

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